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“慈愛に満ちた神聖なエネルギー溢れる作品” “内的世界の探求と魂の解放をサポートし、心の平和、靈的成長、神性を目覚めさせる作品” をコンセプトに制作している。








For me, the process of creating art is linked to exploring the inner world, and the works created from my experiences can stimulate the viewer's soul, giving them the opportunity to reexamine themselves.


I try to create works with the concept, "art filled with loving and sacred energy" and "to support the viewers' exploration of the inner world and the liberation of their souls, to awaken peace of mind, spiritual growth, and divinity."


Based on my knowledge and experience in psychology, color psychology, art therapy, healing, and ancient Shinto, I try to incorporate ancient Japanese wisdom (ancient letters and other forms of spirits and words), sacred geometry, symbols such as dragons and phoenixes, and the mandala, a symbol of integration in psychology and enlightenment in esoteric Buddhism, my works are filled with harmony, compassion, and love. 


I intend to create works so that they provide viewers a gateway to deep healing, while they explore their inner world, and to experience true healing beyond what they have imagined, and to support spiritual growth and awaken divinity through peace of mind, liberation and awakening of the soul, and enhancement of spirituality, mind and soul.


My motto is "World Peace through Art," and I consider this to be my role in my artistic activities.

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